Chicks home for the out doors.

My original home that I had purchase for my chicks was more suitable to a grow chicken or one rabbit so I purchased another coop for when they were old enough to move out doors.  Now baby chicks, well need to be babied, they tend to get chilled easy so need to be kept in and enclosure that allows for air, light and warmth.  I did not have a heat lamp which I recommend highly for cooler states but I used a heating pad on low and got them a stuffed bear to sleep next to a night…don’t laugh it worked I made sure to hold the bear and make it smell like me and then when night came they went straight to sleep.

My chicks are now about 3 months old and are very good size.  One thing they are somewhat affectionate and seem to remember their human mother so have done well being kept outside.  Now one thing I have not mentioned is that when we ordered our chicks on line and received them we also got a surprise for our order an unknown guess what it is exotic chick.

Buff_laced_polish_thumb  Now this is not how he looked when we got him just and deep yellow chick and we watched for days to see what it would look like then the feathers on it’s head began to grow until it began to resemble a dust mop very cute.  Anyway, we are very happy with our chickens outdoors home and I will include the link of my purchase site.