Donating Placenta

Donating Placenta seems like an odd theme to be on this am but I saw it talked about on a news program I like to watch in the am.   Just by donating you placenta after the birth of your child it is not only used for research but the membrane is used for eye care in patients that have special needs like the eyes lens being scratched and by placing a small piece of the member over the lens and putting a contact over the membrane the eye lens can repair itself.  I for one was impressed and hoped that more people would donate I mean it costs nothing for one to do and it is a good way to do something for lots of people so that they like you can share in the bundle of joy that has come into your life.

I have placed these web pages as copy and paster but will redo they to clickable links when my computer monitor is replaced unable to use all the buttons at present.  I felt that mentioning this was important today so here I am telling you all about it.