My summertime girls

Getting impatient for some fresh laid eggs but them are still a few months away.  My red and blue laced Wyandotte chickens are no longer the chicks I got in the spring but have grown to be a good size chicken and are very lively tough they are indeed a quiet breed.  They have been a lot of fun to watch grow and it is charming how they rush to their run door to greet you every time you come to feed or see them.  I am drawing lines through the days to when they lay for the first time.  It takes six months so the time of the first egg should be October, I think I can wait until then.

Been looking at coop ideas these last two days as my summertime girls just look like they would love more room.  I like the look of this one I got on a site called How to build a chicken coop  nicely-painted-chicken-coop

But mine may look more funky as I have bought them three coops since getting them as chicks and am think of how to have this style with combined hen houses.  The main thing is the run.  Would like their run to have more travel spots for them to go to.

I will keep you updated on my chicken experience and will send the photo of first egg when it gets here.