America a leader in gold

My daughter and I are watching the Olympics 2016.  We started just watching the men’s swimming then ended up watching track, volleyball, gymnastics, and of course diving.  We have not been able to miss anything we can get on our channel.  This years events just seem to be so impressive, not just with the American teams which are the best, but with all the teams and athletics that have done so well.  It has been a very exciting year.  With Phelps getting all his gold and Simone burning up the gymnastics events one could hardly stay on the couch to watch.  I am impress with the gymnastics team and hope to see more of them tonight.

So now you know what I have been busy with the last few days.  My daughter can not wait until the winter Olympics and I can not either love figure skating.  America a leader in gold but a figure in sportsmanship, you are all making me proud.