It is all in what you like.

Over the last year I began to noticed how I really liked the new advertising on television I mean they have some good stuff.  I love to watch the insurance commercials escepially those by Progressive and the one’s they did using the Ghost Buster theme is great.  Love it. Of course, my favorite is one with the big foot boy spotting the four wheeler that then just vanishes from site and he is left to be doubted by his parents in what he saw, good stuff really.  But today on the Today Show I got introduced to a advertisement that takes the cake for me and it comes from our neighbor Canada just take a look


The Sault’s Plumber if you want to check it out.  One thing for sure is we can all find ways to enjoy ourselves and get greater look on life no matter were you are and my hat is off to this company for their unique way of getting their business out there.  It is all in what you like and I like to laugh thank you.