Saturday, I Live for Saturday?

I remember when in School I lived for the weekends.  The rest of the week, with the exception of Late Nights on Friday, was to be hurried through.  Now it seems Saturday days are a day of chores, honey go do’s and take me to play mom.

Though the last mentioned is always fun, these Saturday chores are really giving me a workout.  This week I am doing the toilet and fixing the bathroom wall behind it and the funnest thing about it is that it is easier then I had thought.  I did not do a video of it as well lets face it who wants to seriously been seen putting in a toilet all over the web but I will say that I bought a standard toilet that came with the complete kit.  The instructions were good and very easy to follow.

I got my toilet through Lowe’s and had it delivered by their truck.  So it was very easy to get too as Lowe’s has always been easy to deal with.

So while doing the toilet I have been thinking over this blog and I wondered what would be something new everyone would like to see?  So here I am asking for comments on what viewers would like to see in a blog offering ideas for home and garden.  I like to keep it positive as I feel we need lots of positive so with that in mind tell me what you think and in the mean time my Saturday, I live for Saturday continues on.