I Think it’s An Egg

I think it’s an egg when I looked into my chickens henhouse this morning.  A habit I have now that the hens are old enough to lay.  And so it was this morning as I was checking my hen house for my 2nd coop of Red and Blue Laced Wyandottes that I saw a shape I had longed for in the last couple of months.  These hens seem to take a little longer then was reported of them but maybe it was some variable or something, we had been so hot for a while and perhaps the heat keeps them from laying.

But I was very happy this morning when I made my discovery.  Great day in my household between me and my granddaughter.  We are all smiles here this morning and looking forward to more now.  www.mcmurrayhatchery.com this is were I bought my chicks from so I will share this link for more information on them if anyone is interested.