Saying Goodbye

It is never easy saying goodbye to anything but it was hard having to do so with my chickens.  I found out here a few days ago that the rules or laws for back yard chickens had changed in Alexandria and you are no longer allowed to raised them in your back yard.  So goodbye it was.  So I will no longer be doing updates on my chickens and that I hate.

They were doing so well and laid eggs even in the older days here that we were having in Louisiana.  I would recommend raising chickens to anyone.  They are not hard to care for and are really fun to watch.  They also make good watch dogs as they get upset if something seems to be harmful appears.

Their everyday living habits are fun to watch too.  I recommend Wyandottes and Leghorns.  They have good size eggs which are very rich.  I hope to be in an area were I can raise them again in a couple of years but in the meantime all good luck on your chickens and have fun.