Pomegranates Are Growing

Even with the talk of six more weeks of winter I have been delighted so many of the trees in my yard are putting forth their spring buds and new leaves are in the making.  My potted pomegranates are really putting out their spring leaves.  Yes the pomegranates are growing.

Now this year I have found out that these trees have root systems that are close to the surface and therefore react quickly to fertilizers and watering.

screenshot_6WWW.madaboutberries.com is were I got the above information about the trees roots they also say these trees or scrubs grow well in poor soil preferring non acid soil.  So fertilize carefully.


I thought the ideas they shared on watering was interesting as well  My plants always get a lot of blooms and some fruit but they fall off so am trying to solve this problem this year.  One of my long time favorites and I would love to get some of my own grown.