Scams And More Scams

I checked through my answering machine yesterday and got a stunning surprise.  A message from an sweet sounding other woman telling me that the IRS is getting ready to sue me.  I just stood there with my month wide and my head spinning.  The IRS suing me?

I have not made enough money in years to even get much of a refund back so what could I owe the IRS to be sued?  I tell you self doubt was even setting in and it was tempting to call the 1 800 number they gave me.  But WAIT don’t make that call.

Believe me all the IRS is not going to call you out of the clear blue and tell you your being sued.   They send you a letter and options to correct the problem also what the problem is.  So don’t be tempted to call and don’t send money.  You can contact the IRS if you are being troubled by a scam this site also has a list of .  The first link in the past sentence will take you to the report a scam link and the second takes you to their list ouf scams out there.

There are numerous scams out there all and the main tragic is older people.  So take care and stay on the alert.