When To Add The Cow Manure

I checked my tomatoes this morning and they along with the hot peppers have doubled in size.  The second day after I planted them I had add a none burning slow feed vegetable fertilizer of about 6-6-6.  This will feed continuously for about three months.  So I added only a slight sprinkling.

Now this week with their sudden increase in size and the fact that a good rain is coming I am going to add some cow manure to the mix.  It is a commercial brand and cured so I don’t have to do it myself like I did the chicken manure I used on the potted trees.  Ip love the use cow manure because it adds to and builds the soil up in a natural way.

With the rain coming I find this is when to add the cow manure and get it deep into the soil thus allowing the roots to dig deep to search for their food.  Making stronger plants.