Early Morning Bird Song

I did it manage to catch some of the early morning bird song from a mocking bird.  Been trying from my porch but when I step out they get quiet wondering what I am up to.  On the way to the bus stop is a nice medium cotton wood tree and there is a mocking bird that lives there that loves to preform.

The mocking bird is between the size of a blue jay and robin its colors are grayish and white with some brown mixed in.  These birds are perhaps the most showy in personality then any bird.  They will imamate your whistle or singing voice and I have heard they do some dog barks.

They are very protect parents and will dive boom you if you are near their nesting year.  One  of my favorite things about the south are these wonderful birds

Ok went and downloaded a file from www.soundbible.com which gives you the birds everyday sound I hope this file plays.