The Crack Begins!

IMG_20170309_095511Yesterday I wrote about starting a avocado pit and promised to add details daily to how to grow a tree from a pit.  Well I had thought I would have a few  days but checking this morning I discovered that a crack was already developing.  I checked the bottom of the pit as suggested by the book I am reading and no beginning of roots but the water is remaining clear (remember your pit is good if the water stays clear and not cloudy) and the crack is more pronounced in the last hours since I checked it.

The pit I used was from a Hass Avocado and I hope it grows.  They make pretty trees in door or to sit on the patio in the summer but I would love to get one growing in the yard for some future avocados.  Being a avocado fan.

The jar next to the pit is a sweet potato we starting yesterday as another growing project.