Who Would of Thought a Bumblebee..?

I got very curious about the bumblebees this spring when I noticed how curious one was of me.  One had landed on my porch railing and while I studied it the bee studied me.  He was a almost one inch fat bee with a hairy body and large eyes.  By the way it study me I thought it may have been well it seem strange to me so I looked them up and discovered that there are 250 species of bumble bees in the world and they usually inhabit Northern Hemisphere with the exception of an relative that lives in the South American.

The bumblebee like the honey bee is having problems  and are dying off.  So as with the honey bees it is important to help out by planting flowers and vegetables the bees can eat.

I have signed up for a bumblebee watch and if I can get a picture I am going to send my information in that I have not only sighted them but they live by me somewhere.  Loving my purple lady banks.  I am not sure of the species as well I am only thought of the bumblebee as a bumblebee and as a child I would sit outside and listen to their soft humming buzz in the heat of the day and just  let my thoughts drift away.  I guess that is why I have always liked bumblebees.  Here is the link for the bumblebee watch www.bumblebeewatch.org  I hope to get a photo of them they seem to be shy of my camera I believe it is the light reflexing off of it but I am on a mission now to report my sighting of them.