Tomato, Tomato and More Tomatoes

Update on my tomato gardens my big boys though not large yet have grown about 4 inches bigger and are starting to get some blooms.  I am very excited about this so had to take the time to let everyone know.  I have a cold so have been laying low today but have been wanting to move my remaining blueberry bushes up front to see how they do with the tomatoes.

My potted cherry tomatoes are without blooms but are getting larger and very sturdy on the stems.  A good thing as I want tons of cherry tomatoes better then candy to pop one in you mouth as a snack along with some ice tea is well a small piece of heaven on earth.

Here are my photo’s on the buds forming.


Friday and Saturday are suppose to bring rain so I plan to toss some kind of small amount of feed out there not sure which yet.