Butterfly Garden Here I Come

Received my seeds for my daughters homeschool butterfly garden,  we got 3 pack of milkweeds containing thirty-three seeds each packet and a package of mix seeds of germinator plants: Shasta daisy, baby breath, blue flax, butterfly milkweed and more.

The milkweed seeds need to be put in the frig for two weeks and then planted with the germinator seeds.  So in the frig ours went straight away.  Now to make sure over the next two weeks if the spot Maegan chose for the garden is the best spot and get to work.  The seeds will have to be in a moist ground for 10 to 15 days and it takes about four weeks for the plants to grow up.

Butterfly garden here I come or should I say we?  We will keep everyone up to date sending a photo of the garden the day we plant it and one every few days.