Nature vs Man


All through the years I have heard of the fight of man vs nature.  I mean you hear it so much that one just excepts it as a fact of life never wondering why man was pitted against nature in the first place.  I mean don’t we all love a nature walk.  A butterfly on a flower or when they land on your shoulder.

I love the many numbers of nature photo shots on the web.  Google plus is loaded with them and such intense color.  So why the battle of man vs nature?  Could this not be why so much for nature is disregard for nature,

I mean we move in exotic pets and then let them go like snakes in the everglades.  We up root native plants until there is none.  Lift a rifle at an animal that can not replace itself .  I don’t know.  But I had grown up with this saying and never gave a thought.  Maybe it was to state a comparison of the amount of weeds one always removes from their garden.

Then I got to thinking why think of it as man vs nature but as nature vs man.  To me that seems so reassuring as nature is replacing and rebuilding so you know that when nature wins so does man.  The earth is renewed on it’s own when man just takes a small effort to give thought and care of his earth around him.