Detached I Think Not

via Daily Prompt: Outlier

This morning I woke up to well again a silent blog and I thought wow being attached to so many sites but not being considered worthy of a notice really wakes you up to what does it take not to be on the outside

I sat with my fingers on the keys and wondered why write?  And as I sat there a poem formed so well why not so I wrote to no one and yet gave it to all.

The morning moved along being business as usual I gave an update on a homeschool project.  Boring perhaps but it has helped the student to see how important one of her projects is.

Then I look and a daily prompt was displayed and what was it on but what I had thought to write earlier but my fingers would not type.  Outlier:  A person or thing situated away or detached from the main body or system.

This made me think.  If my mind had been on this very thought a few hours before but did not write and then someone posted a prompt on this very thing are we ever really situated or detached from the main body or system of the very main stream of life.  Are we not all connected in someway that is both profound and beautiful.  So now I say my blog go unnoticed no matter what I do is ok for I am still connected to you. Detached I think not.