The Push: DNA

Just a few more comments on some articles I wrote on what I feel is a push to draw people into getting their DNA done.  Yesterday while trying to keep track of all the leading news stories there was a quiet news segment on DNA testing done by 24 and me that is being used to gather information for people so that they can see if they have the gene for things like cancer and well many of the leading killers.

But I am in agreement with those who say that it is more harmful for us to know as having the genetic makeup for an harmful illness is not the only factor that is involved in determining if we get it.  A good diet, lots of clean air, reduced stress and keeping connected with those around you will do amazing things to keep you healthy.

My tip in this is that I would avoid getting my DNA done.  I don’t want to sound strange but it is odd how much they are advertising for DNA testing.  Find you heritage, Check the age of your cells, find lost relatives.  I would avoid the push: DNA .