Poetry: The Idyll

When I first read this in my list of poems to write the other day it went on my list of “I don’t think so”  but the idea of an idyll stirs me.  It is a poem written for the everyday folk doing everyday things.  The purpose is to catch a moment in time and show the wonders of it as to help people enjoy their lives to the fullest without the need for more things.

merriam-webster.com/dictionary/idyll This is just one of the many sites for a definition of an Idyll but I only want to use on link here.   It come from the Greek-Romans  and has many examples of poems written in this style.  examplesof.com/art/idyll.htm .

Still it seemed so hard to take just a moment in time in a rural setting or nature include a person, some animals with a purpose for being there and give a magical purpose for a moment that makes one thankful and longing for simple peaceful times.  It is in tone with my personality though.  I think so much is in the moment.  Like magic everywhere.  I remember a couple of years ago on Collin’s birthdays we had to run to the store and while out there was I sight I had never witness in my life a double ring around the sun.  I have seen a ring before but two and so wide apart.  I told Collin wow you are special look at this two rings around the sun on your birthday.  Well it became a joke for him and he teases me to this day about this.

But there is so much in just the moments to behold.  Anyway, I hope to have done this Idyll an immature writers type of justice.