What Is It About An Old House

I am in the middle of actually getting a page set up for my blog on www.facebook.com.  I had set up a blog page on facebook but that is not the right way to do it and every time I did a web page test it would tell me I have no facebook page connection for my site.  http://nibbler-skilltide.com/  is the site that breaks down how much your web site is being viewed by social media and a few other things.

I am now testing out as I may have already mention my page that is actually  attached to my blog site and lets see how it does.

I took some photo’s of a house I love on the way home from the store.  This one I do not as old as the Cook House across the street from it but it is a beauty.

It is the rounded and I mean a big round porch that I love so much.  I tried to get a few pictures of the leaded glass window even the ones picking through the trees.  I would have loved to own this home but if I did I would not want it on the busy street but it is a beauty and has been my favorite house here.  What is it about an old house?