Bayou Rapides

I am getting ready for July early this year and here is they reason why.  My word press blog plan will end then and I am not planning on renewing it.  So I have been searching for a good free blog hosting site and have landed on google’s blogger.

A hard decision as I love word press but I am downsizing to a free account for the next stage of my blogging life.  So if you notice that some of my blog posts from here are on another site that is me seeing if you can move posts.

My new blog is .  I hope you will check it out and bookmark it so that I can keep seeing your friendly faces.  Thanks Karen.

I need to make a correction I looked at another  section and discovered that my payment is due in May for my site plan and therefore the move maybe  sooner as I don’t see where you can go back to a free account with wordpress once you have upgraded so lots of work over the next few days don’t want to leave my stuff in space somewhere.