Summer Reading Program

Maegan had wanted to do the summer reading program this year with the main library here in Alexandria LA.  So yesterday we went to the internet and signed up.  Well while we were there I discovered I could do it as well so why not, lead by example right?  Well I only have to read 5 books which amazes me as I cut my teeth on books.  I was reading adult books by 3rd grade, just love to read.  Don’t worry I read what was known then as Gothic’s which I loved as they were full of adventure, history, suspense and the hero was always a woman.

Great books.  We anyway not to many good gothics out there now a days so I am going to start my reading off with a book I got free from the library written by Harlan Coben.  Called Play Dead it is about a woman who goes and get married only to have her husband go out for a swim and not return.  Sounds so good.  He says this is a book he wrote about 20 years ago and just recently published it so when I read it I will tell you some about it and what I think.  Ok?